PTS Consulting Group understands the specialized nature of the affordable housing industry and that operational and programmatic sustainability is critical to the continued development and preservation of the industry.  

Today’s affordable housing executives must rethink their business strategies and become more creative and innovative in the way they run their organizations. Moreover, in the current environment of reduced federal funding and an increased need to produce more with less, affordable housing executives often cannot afford to continue conducting “business as usual.”   

PTS offers executive oversight to public housing authorities and other agencies. Our staff and consultants are considered to be among today’s industry leaders in the affordable housing arena and can offer an integrated approach to strategic planning, governance and operational support to bring about community-level change. We will connect resources to your organization to support effective program management and improve day-to-day operations.  We are committed to providing viable solutions and oversight to help your agency manage costs and improve operations.


  • Executive Oversight to PHAs
  • Day-to-Day Operations Management
  • Asset Management Oversight
  • Provide Strategic Planning
  • Board Meeting Facilitation
  • Commissioner Training